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The heart of every business is invoicing, billing and payment collection, so we created the easiest attractiveonline invoicing system available-fully integrated with all aspects of your business management suit includinginventory, time tracking and payment collection. Choose one of the many beautiful designs, and get the paymentprocess started.

Contact management

Your clients, leads, vendors and business connections are the keystones of your success, so it's vital to keepthem up-to-date and informed. Our unified contact-management system is fully integrated with billing andinvoicing, makes it easy to send invoices, log billable hours, send newsletters, track payments and more.Instantly transfer your existing contacts and add new ones with just a few clicks.

Online business card

Choose one of the beautiful, predesigned online business card templates that we've created to enhance yourvisibility on the web. Customize the template to reflect your own style and the flavor of your business.Simply upload your photo or logo and description, and your business is on the web.

Inventory & Online store

When you're running a business, not many things are as much fun as receiving an order; it's the first steptoward invoicing, billing, and payment collection, so in addition to our simplified inventory feature we alsoautomate your sales with real-time updates to your online store.

PlanetSoho Business Directory

List your business to get new leads, network with other businesses, and improve your search engine rankings.Your page on the PlanetSoho Directory will automatically generate free leads for you, so you can spend moretime pursuing your passion.

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